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I have some questions to ask you.(我有些问题想要问您) I want to know it No.124 contract can be executed without examining goods. I sent application to the inspection company, but they haven't confirmed the time yet. And they ha...

如何[rú hé] how; what  例句百科网络释义中中释义 例句 1. 此事如何办理? How are we to handle this matter? 汉英大词典 2. 你近来情况如何? How are things with you? 汉英大词典 3. 他不知如何是好。 ...

I'm here. 我在这里,有我在 I'm with you.我会和你在一起,我会帮你,我会陪着你,有我在, I'm always standing by. 我一直都在,随时待命

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1.(Simon 到小学帮助小学生阅读)--Simon to help students read primary 2.(.Andy 到动物医院照料动物)--Andy to take care of animals, animal hospital 3.(Amy 到医院给病人演唱歌曲,)--Amy singing to the hospital to the patient


两个字的是Zhang San 三个字的话,Zhang Sansan.

eart, there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty,

有好几种说法,一般翻译为: Corporation Limited 可以简写为 Co., Ltd. (它常用于公司名称上)。 其它的有: joint stock limited partnership limited liability company incorporated company a limited company | 例如: 三光仪器股份有限...

** subdistrict office No.**, ** Road, ** District, Quanzhou, Fujian PS: **市 不需要在后面加city **省也是 不需要写province

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