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由….制成(看不出原料): be made from 由….制成(能看出原料): be made of


I memorize new words. 我背单词。 I have a hard time for memorizing words. 我背单词都背怕了。 My English lesson is boring, the teacher always asks us to recite words. 我的英语课很无聊,老师总叫我们背单词。 Professor Li: Actually...

translate 。。。into。。。 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

Today, many young people no longer choose to work steadily, they are more willing to start their own business, relying on their own wisdom and struggle to achieve self value. Youth entrepreneurship is the source of future econo...

男人 翻译成英文是man。 解释: man 英[mæn] 美[mæn] n. 男人; 人类; 男子汉; 雇工; vt. 使振作; 操纵; 给…配置人员; 在…就位; int. (表示惊讶、气愤等) 嘿,天哪; [例句]He had not expected the young man to reappear before eve...

想念:miss, pine for, yearn for, ache for 思念:long, crave, covet, lust, itch

一1. one [wQn] 二2. two [tu:] 三3. three [Wri:] 四4. four [fC:] 五5. five [faiv] 六6. six [siks] 七7. seven ['sevEn] 八8. eight[eIt] 九9. nine [nain] 十10.ten [ten] 十一11.eleven [i'levEn] 十二12.twelve [twelv] 十三13.thirteen ...

你好,一般就是把中文名字用拼音方式写出即可,注意大小写规定和前后顺序要求。 例如 : 张三 Zhang San 或者 San Zhang 根据英文习惯,名在前,姓在后,所以第二种更符合外国人习惯,但是第一种现在也很常见,也算对。 张三四 Zhang Sansi 或者...

eart, there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty,

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