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公信力 英文

credibility 英 [ˌkredəˈbɪləti] 美 [ˌkrɛdəˈbɪlɪti] n. 可靠性,可信性;确实性 例句 The police have lost their credibility 警方已经失去了公众的信任。

社会公信力 social credibility


Firstly,as is known to all,our country is devoted to build a harmonious society.What is harmonious society?For us,it’s a world full of honest,friendly atmosphere,justice,fair and open competition between social members,regions ...


The center of China Credibility research and estimate Credibility 公信力

Abstract: the credibility of the government's influence and appeal, it is the natural result of the government's administrative capacity, embodies the authority of government, the degree of democracy, service level and the cons...

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