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男生还是女生 男生:Mars 罗马神话中的战神 女生:Loly 希腊神话中的纯洁的女神

你好! “赶快”,“赶紧” hurry up 英[ˈhʌri ʌp] 美[ˈhɚri ʌp] [词典] 快; (使) 赶紧; [例句]Franklin told Howe to hurry up and take his bath; otherwise, they'd miss their train 富兰克林告诉豪赶快去洗澡...

赶紧 1.to hurry up; to look sharp; to make speed; to make haste 2.hurriedly; post-haste 3.in a hurry 有不会的可以再问我

Subject: 【Conference Invitation】Countermeasures For the Inquiry about A Project Hi gentlemen or ladies! 各位主管好 I am ***(姓名), responsible for sales in A Office and would like to contact you on the topic issues. 我是A办事...

泰勒斯威夫特的blank space

We have to hurriedly to go in order to get there on time.

Gazing at it,the food would disappear if you don't move your chopsticks in a hurry, or just taste the soup. ---secret of eating

1、喜上眉梢 2、妖魔鬼怪 3、余音绕梁 4、盲人摸象 5、鸡飞蛋打 6、心照不宣 7、人走茶凉 8、刀光剑影 9、七嘴八舌 10、悲喜交加

蓝 天 医 院,那边也有无痛的,要是你爸难受也可以做无痛的要好些

爷爷七十大寿,大家祝爷爷:“__________”。爷爷却叹道:“________”我赶紧把爷爷的话打住:“‘__________’。爷爷,您的身子骨比年轻人还壮实呢。”爷爷高兴的笑了。急! 满意答案近视进士9级2008-11-14爷爷七十大寿,亲朋好友都前来祝贺。大家祝爷...

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