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开头字母为v歌词里有iCE CrEAm 的歌

[유빈]You Know I still Love You Baby And it will never change [선예,예은]I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You [선예]난 다른 사람...

힐링프로젝트(Healing Project) - 아이 스크림(Ice Cream)

Yozoh & 金振彪 - 喜欢你 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4MjU0MDYw.html 她的MV

Artist:DNR 歌手是:DNR附歌词 Song:Ice Cream Talk to me Speak with me Don't sink before you rise, baby Don't fade away You hesitate You seem to wait For all the time we had Feels a world away Who's to say, we'll be okay We will...

ROCOBERRY(로코베리) 的 디저트송 (甜点颂)

邓丽欣-colors i see green i see red i see blue i see black i see coffee on the table and our black and white photo and over the green mountain i can see all these rainbow lets sing a song in red lets sing a song in blue lets si...

ice cream you and me 冰淇淋你和我 ice cream you and me 冰淇淋你和我

ice cream - talk to me talk to me speak with me don't sink before you rise baby don't fade away you hesitate you seem to wait for all the time we had feels like a world away who's to say we'll be ok we're gonna make it through ...

哈哈,亲~我知道,是As one 的Lovin Ice Cream绝对没错的,我现在的手机铃声就是这个呢~

例举几个哈 New look 安室奈美惠 日曜の朝宇多田光 Lick me 幸田来未 I'm a Diamond 少女时代 如果有更多点的信息,就可以确认了。 祝您好运。

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