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翻译成 cute animals 可爱 的动物

你好! 我认为兔子是最可爱的动物 I think the rabbit is the most lovely animal

1.可爱的动物 lovely animals 2.她最爱的食物 her favourite food 3.喜欢吃骨头 like to eat bones 4.喜欢骨头 like bones 5.一大碗猫食 a large bowl of cat food 6.一小碗狗食 a small bowl of dog food 7.愿意做 would like to do sth 8.每天...

袋鼠是一种可爱的动物,对人友好 The kangaroo is a lovely animal and is friendly to people.

I most like tiger, tiger is a kind of lovely animal.

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