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买受人的英语翻译 买受人用英语怎么说

买受人 vendee更多释义>> [网络短语] 买受人 buyer;vendee;buyers 后买受人 the second buyer 土地买受人 buyer of land

They are so popular that a lot of people buy them. Give me a sense of accomplishment.

翻译结果 由卖方办理以买方为受益人的保险额为发票金额110%的一切险 Be handled by the seller to the buyer for beneficiary beneficiary is insured for 110% of the invoice value against all risks

My book is very popular, many people are buying, I have a sense of achievement

译文如下: 免费用户只能观看十分钟。=一般ユーザーなら10分しか视聴できません。 想要持续观看,只需购买任何一项云服务!=もっとご覧になりたいお客様はどちらか一つのクラウドサービスをご购入ください。 购买任意一项云服务,观看时长再也...


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