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买受人的英语翻译 买受人用英语怎么说

买受人 vendee更多释义>> [网络短语] 买受人 buyer;vendee;buyers 后买受人 the second buyer 土地买受人 buyer of land

They are so popular that a lot of people buy them. Give me a sense of accomplishment.

翻译结果 由卖方办理以买方为受益人的保险额为发票金额110%的一切险 Be handled by the seller to the buyer for beneficiary beneficiary is insured for 110% of the invoice value against all risks

《The Band That Wasn't》 《不是乐队的乐队》 Have you ever wanted to be part of a band as a famous singer or musician? 你曾经想过要成为一个乐队里有名的歌手或音乐家吗? Have you ever dreamed of playing in front of thousands of pe...

can afford no 39,the 39th In a very competitive price anyone can accept our price what kind of movies do you want to see

Accounts receivable, the company is for sale of goods, providing labor services shall be the business such as to the purchasers, accept services unit or individual collection of money �

如果你是真的想好了,下定决心了要学英语的话。那么我建议你从背单词开始,开始的时候背一些常见的词就可以。然后逐渐增加难度。 背单词是很重要的一步,也是很枯燥的一步。而且不能急于求成,所以说,一天背一些,不要背太多,慢慢来。过一段时...

译文如下: 免费用户只能观看十分钟。=一般ユーザーなら10分しか视聴できません。 想要持续观看,只需购买任何一项云服务!=もっとご覧になりたいお客様はどちらか一つのクラウドサービスをご购入ください。 购买任意一项云服务,观看时长再也...

覆焘虽广 ,嗟 不容乎此生,亭育虽繁,恩已绝乎斯代翻译成英语是:Despite the wide spread of the Tao, it is not necessary for this pavilion to grow up, but it has never happened.

购买任意一项云服务,观看时长再也不受限制! 어떠한 클라우드를 구입해도 장시간 관람하는데 제한...

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