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Flexible, chubby, lazy, furry, gentle, full of wind, good sleep, greedy, gouzhangrenshi, neighing head, speed, Takashio Yuken, laomashitu romp, yaotoubaiwei lively, dancing in the wind, leap, foraging, paddling, showy, pounce, ...

Monkey is very funny. A lot of people like them. Monkeys like to eat bananas. They live on the trees and enjoy jumping from one tree to another one. I like to ess monkeys in the zoo. I also like them very much.

Dogs(狗) Dogs belong to the canine. When a dog follows its nose,it’s actually being led by thee key senses.Sight:a glimpse of the enemy saves them barking up the wrong tree.Sound:a bark can be a fierce threat,but it’s also how ...

十二生肖 Chinese Zodiac 鼠 Rat 牛 Ox 虎 Tiger 兔 Rabbit 龙 Dragon 蛇 Snake 马 Horse 羊 Goat 猴 Money 鸡 Rooster 狗 Dog 猪 Pig Rat charm, 子鼠 Ox patient, 丑牛 Tiger sensitive, 寅虎 Rabbit articulate, 卯兔 Dragon healthy, 辰龙 S...


snake 英 [sneɪk] 美 [snek] n. 蛇;奸险的人;卑劣的人;蛇形浮动汇率制 vt. 沿…曲折前进(或延伸);/拖,拉(木材等) vi. 曲折前进(或延伸);蛇行,悄悄地爬行

Moneys can be found in forests. They are social animals, they live in groups and carry out activities that help each other. For example, they can be seen scratching each others' backs. Moneys like to each bananas.

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