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哪位英语高手帮我翻译一下这句话 "我喜欢美食,希...

I like delious food and I wish I could taste all food over the world.That's so great.

As the old saying goes,one false step brings everlasting grief.

打消了她的顾虑 Dispelled her fears 重点词汇释义 打消give up (an idea, etc.); dispel (a doubt, etc.) 顾虑worry; apprehension; misgiving; scruple; care

I have experienced being in love three times,but those three are all girls taking the initiative, so I do not know how to chase a girl!

指望遥远的未来是错误的,在某一个时刻,我们只能抓住命运锁链中的一个环节。 It is a mistake是主句,这里it是个形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的不定式短语to look to far ahead,这里look to是指望的意思,far ahead意思是遥远的将来 后面那个句...


1.电子出版物读者也能将他们自己(倾注于)文学上最新潮的热情(或:激情)灌输给他们的朋友,就像传统纸质版读物的读者(做的)那样。 2.电子出版物读者也能向他们朋友强调自己文学方面最新的热情(或:激情),就像传统纸质版读物的读者(做的...

Enclosed please find the latest investigation result. Please kindly check and advise if you have any comments.

Now that you have decided to go to the United States for study, why not go while at university? Now a great many students go to the United States for study when they are in middle school or at university.

Janenese is perfect while English needs more improvement.

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