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导游:关于今天的长城之旅,你们有任何问题都可以问我。 游客1:长城有多长? 导游:啊,最受欢迎的问题!如果我们只说从明朝开始的这部分的话,它的长度是8850公里。这使它成为世界上最长的墙。 游客2:哇,太令人惊奇了!为什么古代的帝王要建...


08b j7-1楼梯扶手图集第五十页

Read the summaries and C

选择题 1.—What are your favorite animals? —____ A. Coke. B. Tigers. C. Hamburgers. 答案:B 2.I would like two of . A.glasses, water B.glass, water C.glasses, waters 答案:A 根据句子意思,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单词的适当...


1John Snow finally proved his idea because he found an outbreak that was clearly related to cholera, collected information and was able to tie cases outside the area to the polluted water.2No. The map helped John Snow organize ...


美味的午餐 The Delicious Lunch Today, when I go home after school at noon, the moment I walk in the house, I smell the good scent. I know my mother is cooking the delicious food. Then I see my uncle and my aunt are sitting in t...

你好,很高兴为你解答 解答 : 请发图,我没有书,给我图,我帮你。 分析:/ 希望能帮到你 求采纳 谢谢

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