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她喜欢养猫 英文是?

She likes to keep cats.

raise a cat

七个学生养猫翻译Seven students keep cats。下面是养猫的注意事项介绍: 1、宠物也要有自己吃饭的餐具,所以也要自己的小猫准备个饭盆和水盆。小猫吃过饭以后要把饭盆和水盆单独的存在以一个地方,不能与人使用的碗筷放在一起。小猫在干净身上...

Gentle cat owners 温柔养猫人

advantages 1. Dogs are loyal animals. They like to be part of the family and once they become a member, they seldom betray and leave. When you get back home, you would normally get the most passionate welcome ever from the pet ...

-Do you have cats ? -No, I like dogs.

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不解释 你懂得 Talking about the pet animals,most people will think it is a popular topic,for more and more people raise pets in the cities.Surely enough,animals are our human friends and they can bring people much happiness and...

Cats are human's friends。They teach us to much。 They have to leave their mother to live alone in 6 months, so they must learn to be independent.They begin to learn to live and not to be dependent on others, so you have to lea...

狸花猫 原产地是中国,属于自然猫,是在千百年中经过许多品种的自然淘汰而保留下来的品种。人们最熟悉的就要算是“狸猫换太子”(宋朝)的故事了,这也是能够找到的最早有关于狸花猫的记录了,所以,狸花猫就有了一个这样的英文名字DragonLi,由CF...

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