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完成对话A:whEn is ChilDrEn's DAy......

It is June the first. 它是六月一日。 注意:日期前不用介词,on也不要。


When is the children's day. 儿童节是什么时候? 供参考。

【英语】Children's Day 【音标】 英语读音【ˈtʃɪldrənz dei】 美语读音【ˈtʃɪldrənz de】 【词性】名词 【汉语】儿童节(它是为了保障世界各国儿童的生存权、保健权和受教育权,抚养权,为了改善儿童...

In the June 1th.It's children's Day.The children are very happy,because they can sing.dance,eat good food,and so on.In the party,a little boy is stand up,after he say:“Today I am very happy,I want to thank every teacher.”Then t...

When is the children's day in thailand?

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . When do you have a class party?

Children's Day Children's Day is a important day for children.lots of children love it very much.because they can get the present on this day.they are very happy.I also love it very much.

children's day on june 1st day, all children are very happy. on that day ,we don't go to school.most of the children will go to the park. in the park, some children are flying kites, some are playing football, and some are play...

Today is Children's Day.My father takes me to the zoo.There are many kinds of animals,the tigers, the pandas,the lions, the elephants,the giraffes and the bears. They are different from each other ,some are shy, some are beauti...

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