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My motto is。。。 例如: My motto is: the past is gone, and I as long as a better future. 我的座右铭是:过去的都过去了吧,我只要一个美好的未来。

我的座右铭是... My motto is... My personal maxim goes as... 供参

“虚心万事能成,自满十事九空。”这句名言,我一直把它作为自己的座右铭,好用来警醒每自己千万不要骄傲、自大。 这句名言每时每刻提醒着我,激励着我,它一直激励着我,激励着我要谦虚,不要被骄傲这个魔鬼附上了身。这句名言使我认识到:骄傲是...

Presistence may not lead to success,but renouncing will absolutely resuilt in failure.

I regard it as my motto!

I hope that some day I will be a champion of the lofty ideal, a challenger to any ordeals, and a creator of the development of the human society.

Anything is possible   

What is your motto? My motto is "before accomplishing a task,one must conduct himself". This is a very common sentence that we often hear of in life, but it does have profound meaning. In my impression, my father told me this p...

1、勤 理由:书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟,做任何事情都需要勤劳,要想做得好,必定要付出,什么也不肯做的人什么也得不到。 2、安 理由:人无论做任何事情,都要对得起自己,让自己安心。 (顺便选吧,不知道有没有帮助到你)

This is my motto.I will concentrate on my study and pay attention to do everything.Study hard and make progress.Progress means surpass.

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