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i like cat

I like cat. 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

I like cats. When I was a child. My mother kept a cat. I named her Lilly. We played together. When I was doing my homework. She just sat besides me quitely. When I watched TV, she lied to my knees. Lilly died When I was in Grad...

My favourite animal is cat 这里的cat表示泛指一个物种

I like cat but dog very lovely too

我们都喜欢猫 We all like cats. 我们都喜欢猫 We all like cats.


my little kitty has beatuful grey fur,and with white paws and green eyes.She weigh about 2 kilos.She is very quiet and nice,fish is her favourite food.She likes sleep under the sunshine,but never likes the dogs.She does not go ...

and with white paws and green eyesmy little kitty has beatuful grey fur.She does not go out on rainy days.She weigh about 2 kilos,but never likes the dogs.She is very quiet and nice.I brush her once a day and take her go for wa...


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