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我想我可以做的很好 I think I can do it very well.

I think I can make it go away, and then put my mind in learning.

I think I can learn, improve and also love English by many means.

Maybe I can pretend as if I never fell in love. 我任为用"I think" 比较没那麽诗情画意,"I assume" 有点太正式。所以用了"Maybe"

我想我可以给你你想要的,只是时间问题,如果可以请等我 I think I can give you what you want, just a matter of time, please wait for me

I think I can be happy forever

I believe that I can shine. But how can I shine? I think I may not be able to become a star like Jusiting Bieber. But if I can do some little things, I can still shine. I think I can shine. I have many hobbies, I'm good at pain...

I think I can obtain the work permit and visa for you according to your schedule.

不用谢谢我 只是你在受气 所以出事了 如果我说我不后悔 那是谎言 虽然后悔 我只会向前看的活着 当然得那样 才能把我心中的那个人忘掉 以前因为离婚了 所以觉得不错 后来反而更伤心 跟以前的感觉不一样哦 现在才算明白一点点 我会把你记在我心里...

我想我可以孤单 译为:Νομίζω ότι μπορώ μόνος 请指教~~~

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