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outh means a temperamental

venture over the love of eas

practice makes perfact 熟能生巧 how time changes 风水轮流转


oughts, which are as fresh to

Do you like autumn 你喜欢秋天么? I do not know when, you fall softly on my red sweater, you put a flower as I have it? 不知什么时候,你轻轻地落在我鲜红的毛衣上,你把我也当成一朵花了吗? Golden butterfly you! Whom you are dancin...

The Four seasons A year has four seasons. Every season has three months. The weather of one season is different from that of any other. The life cycles of plants are controlled by the seasons. The first season is spring. The th...


小学五年级的手抄报用英语的怎么写 The fifth grade primary school's hand copy The fifth grade primary school's hand copy

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