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小意思的英语:a mere trifle [ə; eɪ] [mɪə] ['traɪf(ə)l]。 词性:名词短语。 小意思的短语: A mere trifle friends 小意思啦 This is only cash gift , It's just something from 这只是小意思 little gift as a...

英语:a mere trifle 音标:[ ə] [mɪə(r) ] [ˈtraɪfl] 拓展资料: 一、例句: 1、This is just a little keepsake for your birthday。 这是我的一点小意思,送给你做生日礼物。 2、He might give you a very valu...

a mere trifle 1.小意思,你别小看我,我在老家就常开船。 I used to drive ship in my hometown. Trust me! 2.小意思,克劳德先生。 而且别担心,我不收你车费。 Not a problem Mr. Cloud, and don't worry about the fee. 3.对于一个超人智能...

it's a piece of cake,读音:[ɪts ə piːs (ə)v keɪk] 例句: ①It's a piece of cake, the bedroom window is open. 太容易了,卧室的窗子是打开着的。 ② Look at your competition. It's a piece of cake. 看看你的竞...

a piece of cake 也有小菜一碟的意思

piece of cake俚语 小事一桩

小意思 Small token of kindly feelings

翻译结果 一颗塞挺意思是不是小意思啊英文 A pretty mean something in English


a piece of cake 小意思,小菜一碟.

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