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愉快的暑假到了,为了使自己的假期生活过的健康充实,欢乐而有意义,我特别为自己的暑假生活制定了具体的计划。我的计划大概分为两个方面:学习计划、生活计划。(Happy summer vacation to, to make their life full of holiday health, happin...

The summer vacation is coming. I am going to have a two-month holiday. After a tirting school year, I am going to relax myself. I will viist my old friends and play sports with them. I think we will have a happy time together. ...

Summer Vacation is coming.I am planning for it.暑假就要来了,我正在计划假期。 First, I am going to visit the Great Wall. The Great Wall is one of the most famous places of interest in the world 首先,我打算去参观长城,长城是世...

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