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Inez - Stronger once again I’m longing for your hungry touch picturing you on me I am missing you so much you turn on my imagination though you’re far away and in my fantasy you crave my body I need you back to stay I’ve got my...

歌词好像有:you love me ~you love me ,这两句的语气分别为升调和降调,后面还有Go Go ,其他的没听清,节奏感是很不错的,许多电视节目有时会播这个音乐。请问有谁知道吗?谢谢。

是I want some just like this吧,歌名叫something just like this

Hymn For The Weekend。我找了很久不知道是否这首,带点电音

fly away 应该就是这首 开头的女声秒杀一切

哦!我找到了!这歌的歌名是YOUNG LONDON 歌手是broken!另外附一首背景音乐给你听,还不错的哦~~Breath and Life - Audiomachine

不够详细 有没有链接试听或者更仔细的描述?

All Night 歌手:Big Boi 所属专辑:BOOMIVERSE

Kill em with kindness-Selena Gomez

Halsey 的 Are you insane like me Been in pain like me Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me Just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me Would you use your water bill to dry the stain like me Are you high...

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