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商务信件结尾常用的祝福语: I hope to hear from you soon. 我希望很快收到你的来信。 Your kind early reply will be highly appreciated. 如能早日回复,不胜感激。 I look forward to our next meeting here in Beijing. 我期待着我们在北京...

祝福语: 1.Take good care of youself for me. 2.You will be missed badly. 3.I can't wait for your next mail. 4.You are always in my prayer! 5.Wish you could floate into my dream tonight. 6.I will see you with my eyes closed. 7.wi...

Best wishes to you~

从未见过有人如此用过。 英语书信往来中表达这一急切期盼倒是不鲜见(落款前加一句): Looking forward to your reply asap. I'd appreciate it if you could reply at your earliest convenience possible. I'll be looking for your earliest...

一般多用: Thanks, Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Regards, Best regards, Yours truly, Best wishes,

比较常用的英文问候语句 Wish you success in your career and happiness of your family! 事业成功,家庭美满! 请多保重! Take good care of yourself in the year ahead. 祝你今后获得更大成就。 Wishing you many future successes. Good lu...

活着就为了幸福,而幸福,是我们的追求,我们崇尚这样的生活,在人生的旅途上我们寻找着,追逐着。向往着,挣扎着,然而幸福其实就在我们身边。Best wish to you!

01. Though we are not with you but we miss you all on this Thanksgiving Day. 虽然感恩节你不能和我们在一起,但是我们会想念你的。 02. Love you all this Thanksgiving Day. 感恩节里更加爱你。 03. Thanksgiving wishes for you and your...

英文如Regards,Best Regards;中文如,顺颂商祺,谨致问候。都是最常用,不会出错的。

May your Spring Festival be bright with dreams come true and filled with favorite memories

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