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What month do soldiers hate? --March (行军) 释义:当兵的不喜欢几月份? How many feet are there in a yard? --It depends on how many people stand in the yard. (码,院子) 释义:院子里有多少只脚? Why is an empty purse always the s...


猜字谜,英语是:guess a riddle about a character/word. 解释: guess 英[ges] 美[ɡɛs] vt. 推测; 猜测,臆测; 猜中; 假定,认为; vi. 猜,猜测; 猜对; n. 猜测; 推断; [例句]The suit was faultless: Wood guessed that he was a very s...

1 意思是 什么字母是昆虫。答案 B 因为字母“B”和蜜蜂Bee同音,所以是昆虫! 2.意思 什么字母是水的一部分 答案 (C)sea大海 3 what lettter is a part of the hear? 这个你可能打错了2个单词 我反正看不懂! 4意思是什么字母是一种饮品 答案是T (...


puzzle word puzzle

1.What is smaller than an insect's mouth? 2.What season is the most dangerous one? 3.What's too much for me,just right for two,but nothing at all for three? 4.On what day of a year do soldiers start wars in history? 5.How many ...

riddle 谜语

英语谜语 字母 1. Which letter is a drink? 2. Which letter is around an island? 3. Which letter is an animal? 4. Which letter is a kind of vegetable? 5. Which letter is a question? 6. Which letter is a part of your face? 7. What...

like hear were hope went record plan match right busy

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