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I have to say that music really has a strong attractiveness to me. Naturally, everyone can choose suitable music to listen to. However, when you find a kind of music which can bring happiness to you, you will be surprised and b...

title: what do you think will impact your mood 1st : 人们有的时候心情好,有的时候却十分沮丧,但是什么会让我们的情绪不断变化呢?--提出问题 2nd: 常见的影响到心情的因素,如今天发生的事情,天气,温度,健康状况,周围的人……(举例子吧 ...

My room has a desk, a shelf and a bed. On the desk, there is a amp and some books. Now, my mother is cooking in the kitchen. My father and my grandparents are watching TV in the living. Where am I? I am doing my homework in my ...

A famous pianist, went to a big city to play. The pianist came onto the stage and found the audience sitting less than 50%. He was disappointed to see this. But he quickly adjust the m

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