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I have to say that music really has a strong attractiveness to me. Naturally, everyone can choose suitable music to listen to. However, when you find a kind of music which can bring happiness to you, you will be surprised and b...

Dear Mr Zhu, I would like to recommend Alice for this year's Best Singer Award. Being a member of music club at our school, Alice is good at singing and dancing. She is a fast learner, who not only has a good voice, also keep p...

How to keep safe As is known to all , the education of safe recieve a hot attention from the society recently.From my point of view,safe can be devided into 3 different aspects,that is,the safe in school,the safe in traffic and...

A famous pianist, went to a big city to play. The pianist came onto the stage and found the audience sitting less than 50%. He was disappointed to see this. But he quickly adjust the m

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