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哂囂恬猟shoulD wE kEEp pEt?(勣曾為忖恣嘔)

I love rabbits very much,so my pet is a rabbit.I call it "snow".It's lovely,it has white wool , two red eyes, and long ears.I like playing with it ,it's fun!And also,I like feed it too,it's interesting.Snow is my best friend in...

Dear Mum , I `m glad that you can agree to keep a pet. I think we should keep a lovely dog .A dog is people`s good friend ,we know a lot of stories about dogs.I believe a dog is easy to be practised ,we can teach it how to keep...

I have a pet.I named him Nicholas.Nicholas is a pure Husky dog.He was about 8 weeks when he first came to my home.We will have his birthday next week and he is turning 2 years old.Good time goes fast.He's totally mature now but...

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