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英语shE hElpsAnimAls是什么意思

she helps animals 她帮助动物 animals 英['ænɪmlz] 美['ænɪmlz] n. 兽; 动物( animal的名词复数 ); 兽性; 粗野残暴的人; [例句]I can assure you that the animals are well cared for 我可以向你保证动物们得到了精心照顾。


She has got animal 她有动物 animal 英[ˈænɪml] 美[ˈænəməl] n. 动物,兽,牲畜; 家畜,牲口; 畜生(一般的人); 兽性;

she (thinks) all the animals are very cute

maroon 5的animals ??MV是有在雨中,但高潮有出入,是 Just like animals Animals Like animals看看是否是你听错哟!

"Crazy Town animal" produced by Walt Disney Pictures of 3D animation, a modern urban animals, each animal in here have their own homes, Plaza Sahara desert climate, year-round cold glacier town and so on, it is like a big melti...

在寒假期间,我看了《爱丽丝漫游记》 During winter vacation, I saw Alice in" 故事里讲述了小姑娘爱丽丝追赶一只揣着怀表、会说话的白兔,掉进了一个兔子洞,由此坠入了神奇的地下世界。在这个世界里,喝一口水就能缩得如同老鼠大小,吃一块蛋...

animals加不加定冠词语法上都可以,要看上下文。如果是一个大段落,之前提到了一些动物。那么现在就该用the animals,指前面提到的那些动物。。。如果是泛指动物们没有空气就无法生存,没有前后文,那不该带定冠词。 air在这里是肯定不该加定冠...


My Favorite Animal Last year, my father bought a lovely pet for me. She has four white paws and a white and short tail. She has two long and big ears, two red eyes and eight whiskers on her face. Her name is Sally and she is on...

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