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Last summer I went to Beijing for my holiday, Beijing is our capital city. I went to the Summer Palace, climbed the Great Wall and went to many places of interest. I had a very good time. During this summer holiday, I went to P...

What do you like better than five? 重点词汇释义 喜欢 like; love; enjoy; be fond of 什么 what

The fourth biggest city in Germany, with over one million inhabitants, Cologne (Köln in German) began life as a Roman colony or colonia (hence its name). Its location on the Rhine, at the heart of Germania, was key to its ...

I like to go shopping Going into town for shopping I usually go shopping on Sundays Save on time and money by shopping at the supermarket A long shopping list

1.“主----系-----表”(SLP)句型:在这种句型中,谓语动词是以be为主的连系动词(Linking Verb),后面跟主语补语(Subject Complement),如:These oranges have kept fresh.这些桔子一直很新鲜.Mary is a student / here /in the room.玛丽是个...

蓝色的天空 快乐地奔跑 高兴得不得了

1. the sea seems so damn big! 2. wind smells salty! 3. water is cold! you should put some clothes on...... 4. sand is etching! 5. the ocean is polluted!

I am going to see a friend tomorrow.

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