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用英文翻译以下句子 七点过五分 六点半 八点过一刻

七点五分:five past seven 六点半:half to seven; half past six 八点一刻:eight fifteen fifteen past eight a quarter past eight

在六点半时at half past six或at six thirty 在七点四十五分时at a quarter to eight或at seven forty-five 在八点时at eight o'clock或at eight 在八点十五分时at a quarter past eight或at eight fifteen 在八点半at half past eight或at eigh...

half past six a quarter past eight twenty past five twenty to eleven

(1)你什么时候去上学? What time/When do you go to school ? 我七点十五上学。I go to school at seven fifteen (2)他什么时候吃早饭?When does he have/eat breakfast? 他六点半吃早饭He has/eats breakfast at half past six (3)她几...

这个有三种方式 1.half past six 2.half to seven 3.six-thirty 希望对你有帮助

half past six past 英[pɑ:st] 美[pæst] adj. 过去的,以前的; 结束的; 前任的; n. 往事; 过去,过往; [语] 过去时; prep. 超过,超出; 远于; 越过; [例句]Htc's sales have halved in the past six months. htc的销售在过去6个月内已经减半。

我们吃午饭在下午六点半。 翻译为英文是: We have dinner at half past six in the afternoon. 注:完全没有问题!请采纳!

six thirty 或 half past six I get up at half past six every morning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.The Bible should be returned to library before this weekend. 2.This old armchair will be replaced by a sofa next week. 3.Don't worry,you have enough time to send the fax to your company. 4.The decision you made that you want ...

She get up at six o 'clock, I eat breakfast at half past six, ride a bike to school at seven o 'clock, 6 o 'clock fifteen playing football in the playground

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