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It is very clever. It has two big eyes. It's green and yellow. It has a small lovely mouth. I love it very much. It has two long legs. I think its legs are more longre than others. It's the most beautiful bird in the world.


介绍小鸟的英语: Look, there is a bird standing on the windowsill. This snall bird is lovely.

辨析庄家要出的征兆有什么? 总之,无论你有多么小的变化,点点都于你很重要。

很可能你就束允友 想往更深层次的学习哑老

Our family around the house there are many tall trees. Every day, there are many unknown trees, birds in the "chattering," cried, a variety of voices very nicely, as if birds in open concerts. One afternoon, my neighbor's littl...

Protecting birds is part of our jobs of protecting our own living environment. Imagine you live in a place with green trees and colourful flowers. The little birds are flying around and singing happily. It's such a wonderful pl...

红色小鸟(红火):体型小,重量轻,攻击弱,无特效,空中可做二次蓄力,可在滚动时消灭绿猪。 Red bird (Hong Huo): small size, light weight, the attack is weak, no special effects, the air can do two times, can be rolled to destroy ...

Our family around the house there are many tall trees.Every day,there are many unknown trees,birds in the "chattering," cried,a variety of voices very nicely,as if birds in open concerts.One afternoon,my neighbor's little broth...

Today, the weather was fine, I was going to the school library library, suddenly, not far came a crisp sound of birds. I went over to see, turned out to be a not yet fully learned to fly the bird. This bird body green, there is...

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