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用no morE thAn和 not morE thAn 造句

no more than 只是;仅仅 造句:Each class has no more than 8 students.每个班级的学生不超过8个。 not more than:不超过;至多;不比…更… 造句:Answer these questions in not more than 75 words.回答以下问题,不要超过75个单词。 亲,我...

1. Their replies were no more than grunts of acknowledgement. 他们所谓的回答不过是表示承认的咕哝罢了。 来自柯林斯例句 2. Father had no more than a superficial knowledge of music. 父亲对音乐只懂一点皮毛。 3. There was a proporti...

一、more often than not大半;大概;很经常 =as often as not 例句: 1、No matter, because everything is cooked through and more often than not,delicious. 不要紧,因为每样东西都是煮熟的,并且通常比生的好吃的多。 2、For instance, i...

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