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招标 英文

竞标:competitive bidding; competitive tender 投标:to enter a bid; to submit a tender; to make a tender; to tender a bid; to tender; to bid 招标:to invite bids or tenders; to invite public bidding; to call for tenders

IFB invitation for bid (所有招标) IOT Invitation of tender (物资招标)

招标: invite tenders (from); invite bids; submit public bids 投标: bid 竞标: competitive tender

投标: 1. (v) submit a bid2. bid forRelative explainations:<bid> <tender for> <tender> <base bid> <quatation> <bidding> <to bid> &...

投标: 1. (v) submit a bid 2. bid for Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 此投标书应于六月二十六日前提交。 This tender should be submitted by June 26th. 2. 他们有没有投标争取承包合同? Have they put in a bid for the contract? 3...

招标书是招标文件的俗称,投标书类似。 正式的用法是: 招标文件:Invitation for Bidding Documents/Proposal 投标文件:Bidding Documents/Proposal 本翻译仅供参考 满意请采纳 谢谢

投标价英文: bid price 例句: 1.Speculation centred on a likely bid price of 380p a share. 大多数人猜测买方出价可能为每股380便士。 2.Magendatong looks Alibaba bid price is amended to 12 HK dollar. 摩根大通将阿里巴巴目标价格修正...


招标投标 Bidding 招标投标 Bidding

招标项目_百度翻译 招标项目 [网络] Tender; Parties to a association must have corresponding capability and qualification to undertake the project subject to tender.

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