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10月1日用英语怎么写 解答如下: October 1st October First 10月1日

October 1st

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 10月1日的英文 October 1st

what time is National Day,it is October 1st

October the first is the National Day

你好! 十月1日 October 1,

Oct. 1st

1月 January Jan. 2月 February Feb. 3月 March Mar. 4月 April Apr. 5月 May May 6月 June Jun. 7月 July Jul. 8月 August Aug. 9月 September Sept. 10月 October Oct. 11月 November Nov. 12月 December Dec. May 是没有缩写的.其他的如上.缩...

October 1,1997 写完整就是 October 1st,nineteen ninty-seven

There are a lot of holidays for chinese people, such as National day, May Day, etc. However, chinese people look on spring festival as their most important one of all.And it's also my favorite festival, especially when I was a ...

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