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14:45 18:00 7:15 把他们翻译成英文

外贸题:usd 3,254.00 usd 1,000,101.00翻译成英文 US dollar three thousand two hundred and fifty four. US dollar one million one hundred and one. 英文翻译数字可以先用逗号分开数位。 请参考。

1:00 one o'clock 2:30 two thirty, 3:14 three fourteen,

这证明是登记持有人支付股份()1港元之编号 包含在上述公司的章程及备忘录方法 根据共同密封鉴于该公司在港,这一天

都是短语 18:00 Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday(这里没必要用every) 18:00 23th every month 18:00 July 23th every year

usd43780.00翻译成英文: 英文: Forty-three thousand, seven hundred and eighty American dollars. 【很希望我的回答会对你有帮助。如有不明白,可以再追问,若满意请采纳,谢谢你,并祝你进步!】

Tomorrow (August 6th) 9:00-11:00 am meeting room in the company 2 floor conference room held an emergency meeting, the contents of the important, the Department Manager must attend, not absent. And please at 5 pm today to confi...

请问是在这个时间段里任意选个时间还是从早上9:00开始。 翻译成英文是: Can you tell me whether to choose a random time during this time period or start from 9:00 in the morning? 注:请提问者及时采纳答案,作为对回答者付出智慧和劳动...

Hello, Emily, can you come to my school event? Active time is Saturday at 14:00, school halls.


schedule: 7:30 wake up 8:00 breakfast 8:30 do homework 9:30 free time 10:00 reading 11:00 lunch 12:00 nap time 13:00 do homework 14:30 recess 15:30 drawing 16:30 read the newspaper 17:30 do tutor's homework 18:00 swimming 19:00...

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