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three forty-two a quarter to six five to seven half past seven eight o'clock a quarter past eight nine twenty ten twenty-five eleven twenty-seven

1. fifteen past six=six fifteen 2. 8 o'clock 3.twenty past nine=nine twenty 4.a quarter to eight=seven forty-five 5.twenty to nine=eight forty 6.twenty-five past seven=seven twenty-five 7.five to eleven=ten fifty-five 8.half pa...

可以这样表达: From eight o'clock to nine thirty. 当然上面两位说的也都是可行的,但总的来讲,整点的话加上o'clock会相对比较正式些。

one o'clock. seven o'clock a quarter past eleven. half past two.

你可以直接用这些,或者:six clock/ten past seven/a quarter past eight/ half past nine/ ten to ten

Tomorrow (August 6th) 9:00-11:00 am meeting room in the company 2 floor conference room held an emergency meeting, the contents of the important, the Department Manager must attend, not absent. And please at 5 pm today to confi...

6:30 half past six 7:00 seven o'clock 7:20 twenty past seven 10:40 twenty to eleven 12:00 twelve o'clock 2:15 a quarter past two 3:00 three o'clock 4:50 ten to five 9:00 nine o'clock 希望能帮到你~望采纳哟~ 精~~~~~~~锐


表示“几点过几分”,用介词past,但须在半小时以内。例如:ten past eight, a quarter past nine, half past twelve 表示“几点差几分”, 用介词to, 但分钟须在半小时以上。例如:twenty to nine, five to eight, a quarter to ten 表示“几点几分”还...

10:00-8:30 =1小时30分钟

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