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A wilD AnimAl小学五年级作文怎么写

先介绍一下这个动物的外貌(颜色,体型等),然后介绍习性(比如喜欢吃什么,喜欢住在什么样的环境等),然后写一下它的特点(比如跑得快,非常凶猛/温顺等),就可以结尾"I like XX(动物名称) very much"

Saving the animals There is fewer and fewer animals in our world because of people.The farmers cut down trees and forests to make farms and some engineers(工程师) make more and more to build buildings.Sadly,thousands of animal...

Animals are people's friends.But many wild animals are facing the danger of dying outbecause the environment has changed greatly.Their living areas are becoming smaller and amaller because of pollution and the development of ci...

My favourite wild animal is panda,because them very friendly and lovely,so them is my favourite wild animal.Panda love eat bamboo.

In our country, the number of wild animals is becoming smaller and smaller. Some of them are even dying outThe dangerous methods we human being has taken are as follows: We have been cutting the trees to build houses, so the ho...

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