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by 就是指写信人,也指创作者。 To 就是指收信人,也指面向的群体。 满意了吧。


increase to表示增长到 如,The population has increased from 1.2milion to 1.8 milion. 人口已从120万增长到了180万。 increase by表示按多少增长 如,The rate of inflation increased by 2% 通货膨胀率增长了2%

by:作者 TO:收信人 记得采纳啊

to与by之间是有区别的。decrease by是减少了或降低了多少。decrease to是减少...

1、reduce to “降低到……,减少到……”,介词to后面接的是最终的结果,也就是最后的位置或程度。 2、reduce by “降低了……,减少了“,介词by后面跟降低或减少的具体幅度。 拓展资料 reduce to 1、If this tool is used in development stage, we can...

increase by 是‘增加了多少’ increase to 是‘增加至多少’ 例子 WORLD POPULATION WILL INCREASE BY 2.5 BILLION 世界人口将会增加(多)25亿 When should the state pension age increase to 66 应当在何时国家退休年龄提升至66岁

按参考;要参照; And as they are judged almost exclusively by reference to a benchmark, they need an index relevant to them. 由于作出判断几乎无一例外地要参照基准指数,因此基金经理需要一个与之相关的指数。

by reference to 网 络 按同类;由阁下 双语例句 1. Our charges are calculated by reference to an hourly rate. 我们收费是按每小时的固定费用计算的. 2. The route is best seen by reference to the map. 参照地图能将这条路线看得十分清楚...

by prep. (表示位置)在…近旁; 在身边 On a cold evening it is pleasant to sit by the fire. 在寒冷的夜晚坐在炉火旁边很舒服。 (表示时间)不迟于; 在…时候 Be here by four o'clock. 四点钟之前到这儿。 She should be back by now. 她现在应...

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