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DEEp in lovE什么意思

deep in love:深爱 例句: 1、She is deep in love. 她深陷在情网中。 2、I am deep in love with her, thinking of her day and night. 深深爱上她,考虑到她的白天和黑夜。 3、And fair thou art, my bonny lass, so deep in love am I. 再会...

前者是坠入爱河的意思,表示时间比较短,或许只是一瞬间的意思。 后者是深爱的意思,表示程度。

Can\\'t Stop Love” We stand here today, together as one 今日,我们一同站在这里, You brighten my days just like the sun 你仿佛太阳般照耀了我的生活。 When everything around is like stormy weather, 当周遭的一切如同暴风骤雨时 We a...

i need to be in love 歌手:carpenters 专辑:yesterday once more the hardest thing i've ever done is keep believing there's someone in this crazy world for me the way that people come and go through temporary lives my chance could...

歌曲名:knee deep in love 歌手:Klaatu 专辑:endangered species Hello sweet Joan, so glad you're home Just called to say goodbye I'm leaving town, I'm bent and bound Don't try to change my mind You ask me why I'm leaving But we bo...


我心深处 我爱之深

deep love in rain 深爱在雨中 deep love in rain 深爱在雨中

deep love in rain 深深的爱在雨中

深爱的接吻鱼 应该是深深爱上你的意思吧

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