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feed 英[fi:d] 美[fid] vt. 喂养;满足(欲望等);向…提供;供…作食物 vi. 吃,以…为食;流入,注入,进入(如油流入机器);[电子学]馈入 n. 饲料(尤指粗饲料),施肥;喂送;草料;(尤指向地方性电视台)馈送... feed me 例句与用法 1、They tried ...

feed you

feed me more 给我更多

翻译: 给我吃,我就活;让我酗酒,我便死去。

holy comments feed me 值得推崇的评论反馈给我 双语对照 例句: 1. They will have an opportunity along with others to feed comments back to the commission in a "market test" of the settlement. 他们还有机会在对和解方案所做的“市场测...

爱我,养我,永远不能抛弃我. 加菲猫的名言

you feed me的中文翻译 you feed me 你给我的 双语例句 1 What did you feed me? Sleeping pills? 你给我吃了什么?安眠药? 2 I will never come to you when you call me, and never let you feed me any more. 当你叫唤我的时候,我就永不到...

你好! you feed me你喂我


歌曲名:Feed Me 歌手:Tricky 专辑:Maxinquaye CryoShell - Feed Ride my fingers Love that lingers Lick my lips and Smash the sinners Fills my palm and Filled with charm I Eat with harm and Overwrite the healing How can I wash the d...

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