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无损格式 请查收 记得采纳 谢谢

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地址可用于QQ空间: http://stream.punkreas.org/Phenomenal_Handclap_-_15_To_20.mp3 Remix版本: http://www.discobelle.net/music/The_Phenomenal_Handclap_Band-15_to_20_David_E_Sugar_5_10_Replay_Remix.mp3

歌曲名:Handclaps & Guitars (Clean) 歌手:Chiddy Bang 专辑:Breakfast Chiddy Bang - Handclaps & Guitars Everybody's simple then and these n*ggas is simpletons Tell them b*tches fall back, just like they was limboin' We still got a...

handclap [英]['hændklæp][美][ˈhændˌklæp] n.鼓掌,拍手; 复数:handclaps 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Dr declercq has previously demonstrated why a handclap in front of thestairs of the great pyrami...

去 伴奏中国 你要的伴奏就在上面 搜一下就可以 几百万首 专业伴奏都在上面

歌曲名:Handclap 歌手:Ms. Toi 专辑:That Girl 青空(あおぞら)に大(おお)きく掲(かか)げて 叩(たた)く手(て)に花(ばな)びら舞(ま)い散(ち)る 気(き)が付(つ)けば笑颜(えがお)浮(うか)ぶでしょ 幸(しあわ)せは手(て)になる方(ほう)へ 落(お)ち込(...

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