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原题 what/hat/this/about? 连词成句 What about this hat ? 意思 这顶帽子怎么样 ?

Does this lovely hat belong to Lily? 这顶可爱的帽子是lili的吗

原题 up ,your,hang,hat 连词成句 Hang up your hat ! Hang your hat up ! 意思 把你的帽子挂起来!

Where is her hat? 求采纳

您好! 1.Do you see a hat on his head? 2.This sport is too difficult to me. 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

I think your hat is on your head . 我认为你的帽子在你的头上。 I think 我认为


How much is the red hat ? 这顶红色的帽子多少钱?

可以连成好几种: ~Your mother can make a hat for you. 你母亲可以给你做一顶帽子。 ~Can your mother make a hat for you? 你母亲可以给你做一顶帽子吗? ~You can make a hat for your mother. 你可以给你母亲做一顶帽子。 ~Can you mak...

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