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knEE DEEp in lovE 歌词

首先,谢谢你支持老头,谢谢你喜欢老头的歌。其次,你找的那个歌词是有错的喔。 Knee deep in my heart 你内心深处的屈服(我个人喜欢这样翻译,有的人翻译成什么我心深处,感觉有点莫名其妙。) Life is running past me 时间慢慢溜走 days and...

歌曲名:When I Fall In Love (Feat. Sybil) [Knee Deep Disco Club Mix] 歌手:Klub Family 专辑:For The Love Of House Volume 1 Celine I love U When I fall I love it will be forever or I I never fall in love In a restless world like t...

标准的用法是需要连字符的 knee-deep 作复合形容词,作句子表语。 He is knee-deep in work.

Knee Deep (featuring Jimmy Buffett - Zac Brown Band Gonna put the the world away for a minute Pretend I don't live in it Sunshine gonna wash my blues away Had sweet love but I lost it She got too close so I fought her Now I'm ...


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