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look AFtEr和look For的区别

look after 是照顾照料意思. look after sb./sth.是照顾某人/某物 look for 是 一般是 .寻找,寻求 的意思 look for sth.是寻找某物. 例子:I am looking for my cat.Where is it? 例子:My mother will look after me if I am ill

look at看... 如:Please look at the blackboard.请看黑板。 look for寻找 如:He is looking for his cat.他在寻找他的猫。 look after照看,照顾 如:I can look after myself.我能照顾我自己。

be after直接理解为“在后面,跟随”,引申一下“追求,向往”,偏向于精神方面的追求;look for 就是普通的“找”的意思

care for 指的是关心,喜欢的意思,也有照顾的意思,在情感上是出于喜欢的照顾 look after 指的是照顾需要照顾的人.有看的紧点,好点的意思 如病人,老人

楼主,你好look after表照顾,如:He looked after his sisterlook up 一般指在字典里查找单词什么的, look up the word in the dictionary。 look for 指寻找,更倾向于找的过程,动作,(顺便提一下) find也是寻找,但更倾向于结果。 I look...

take care =lookafter ,照顾,care for 关心,照顾,在乎,take care of 当心, look after 与take care of 的用法区别? 答:take care of作“照顾、照料”解,相当于look after.如: ① I believe that neighbors can take care of your son while you a...

寻找 照顾

Look for 期待 寻找 You look for this girl? 你在找这个女孩儿 Were you able to look for it? 你能寻找了吗? go after 跟踪;追 半数的哨兵都去追赶逃犯,但他们还是跑掉了。Half the guards went after the escaped prisoners,but they got...

hope to buy,想去买(。。。),一般是具体的事物,任何人用钱都可以买得到的东西。 be after直接理解为“在后面,跟随”,引申一下“追求,向往”,偏向于精神方面的追求 look for 就是普通的“寻找”的意思

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