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lovEly AnimAl什么意思?

lovely animal 可爱的动物 网络释义 1. 可爱动物 例句: 1. Eg. a cat is a lovely animal. 猫是一种可爱的动物。 2. Any wild animal seeing a lovely princess would follow. 任何野兽看见可爱的公主也会跟着的。 3. The panda is a lovely ani...

(The little )hedgehog, bird, rabbit, squirrel,( small )monkeys, cats 小刺猬 小鸟 小兔 小松鼠 小猴子 野猫

lovely animal 可爱的动物 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 可爱动物 例句: 1. Eg. a cat is a lovely animal. 猫是一种可爱的动物。

duck鸭子 dog狗 cat猫

可爱的动物 eg: I Like Lovely Animals 我喜欢可爱的动物 Walking through the park, we can see a lot of lovely animals. 跟读 从公园里穿过时,我们可以看见许多可爱的动物。

My favourite animals There are many animals in the world.They are very lovely .My favourite animals are cats and rabbits.I have a white cat.Its name is Mimi.It can catch mice.It likes eating fish.I have a little rabbit too,I ca...

The lovely animal. In our daily life there are plenty of lovely animals around us like cats and rabbits.but for me ,i like dogs best because of its lovely character. As a owner of a puppy,the first time i have seen it was at a ...

C.A panda 这句话的意思是“熊猫是一种可爱的动物” 首先panda 是可数名词,不能选D,可数名词不能不与冠词连用而单独出现。B.The panda 是特指某一直熊猫,所以不能眩A.Pandas 是指多只熊猫的意思,只有C与题意相符。

bird 鸟 Bird is an animal which can sing lovely songs.

D. C. B. A. C. D. A. B. C. B. A. D. D. C. B. C. B. D. C. A.

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