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mom is in jApAn now的英文意思

mom is in japan now 妈妈现在在日本

japan mom 50 60,japanese old lady

And their mom is a doctor. Tom is 13. How old is Betty? Oh, she ...2.( ) Tom and Betty are in ___ now.A:Japan B:Usa C:China 3.( ...

sister party mom japan facial 妹妹妈妈日本方面 词典结果: party[英][ˈpɑ:ti][美][ˈpɑ:rti] n.社交聚会; 党,党派; 当事人; 同类,伙伴; v.为…举行社交聚会; 为…请客; 参加社交聚会; adj.政党的,党派的; 社交的,聚会的; 共有的,...

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