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tend to 有习惯性的意思, incline to 有一次性的意思。 例: Judge R. tends to reward punitive damages if bad faith is shown, but he is inclined to deny such damages in this case at bar. R。 法官倾向判给原告惩罚性损失赔偿如果被告...

tend to do 英[tend tu: du:] 美[tɛnd tu du] [词典] 倾向于做某事; [例句]I tend to do a lot of photography of others and of myself. 我倾向于做一个对他人和自己的摄影很多。

l tend to 我倾向于 重点词汇释义 tend to趋向; 朝某方向; 偏重

先看一下英文的解释: tend sb 照看 If you tend someone or something, you do what is necessary to keep them in a good condition or to improve their condition “照看”某人或某事,就是说,你必须尽力保证他/它处于一个状态良好或改善他/...

首先,tend 可以及物,也可以不及物(许多动词甚至可说大部分动词都是兼具这样的性质)。正就是不及物时,后面只能跟不定式,或者 tend to be + 形容词。从来没有 tend to doing sth 这样的句式,除非是 tend to be doing sth. 做及物动词使 ten...

tend1 不及物动词 vi. 1.走向;趋向[Q][(+to/towards)] Prices are tending upwards. 物价趋涨。 2.倾向;易于[(+to/towards)][+to-v] Old people tend to get fat. 老年人容易发胖。 He tends towards selfishness. 他有自私自利的倾向。 She ten...

tend to do 倾向做某事 tend可以表示照看和照料,表照看时是tend sb 表照料时是tend to sb

tend to bury 倾向于埋葬

be prone to do =be inclined to =be likely to do 很有可能做某事 tend to do 易于;往往会做某事(犹指不好或恼人的事)

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