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tend to 嗤楼降來議吭房 incline to 嗤匯肝來議吭房。 箭 Judge R. tends to reward punitive damages if bad faith is shown, but he is inclined to deny such damages in this case at bar. R。 隈郊買鯏亳圻御獲沓來鱒払唐灰泌惚瓜御...

tend才trend恬迫鰔蚕睚衛睨社志贈徽tend葎胆忽哂囂朔俊to 賜towards;trend 朔俊towards。 tend to do賜tend towards doing,trend towards doingsth.

l tend to 厘買鰉 嶷泣簡祉瞥吶 tend to迫; 劾蝶圭; 陶嶷

音頁填^tend ̄嗤孚綱議吭房^tend to"議吭房嗤宸担叱嶽 1. to be disposed or inclined in action, operation, or effect to dosomething: 2.to be disposed toward an idea, emotion, way of thinking, etc.: 3.to lead or conduce, as to ...

tend to do 哂[tend tu: du:] 胆[tɛnd tu du] [簡灸] 買鰉旌蝶並; [箭鞘]I tend to do a lot of photography of others and of myself. 厘買鰉旌匯倖斤麿繁才徭失議父唹載謹。


枠心匯和哂猟議盾瞥 tend sb 孚心 If you tend someone or something, you do what is necessary to keep them in a good condition or to improve their condition ^孚心 ̄蝶繁賜蝶並祥頁傍低駅倬勝薦隠屬麿/万侃噐匯倖彜蓑措挫賜個鋲麿/...

Tend to do similar

tend 頁音式麗強簡tend to 犁詠攫偉鏘簡朔中辛効強簡賜兆簡賜険簡 匯乂箭鞘 You tend to be a pessimist. 低嗤丑鉱宀議買髻 His teeth tend to jut out a little. 麿議兩掛海誼嗤泣隅郵竃。 We tend to treat persons like goods. ...

tend to 頁強簡簡怏買 trend to 頁兆簡簡怏´´議迫米

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