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whAt ArE wilD AnimAls AFrAiD oF. ?

what are wild animals afraid of. ? 野生动物害怕什么? wild animals n.野兽; [网络]野生动物; 野兽之都; 野生动物; [例句]Primitive man hunted wild animals with crude stone implements. 原始社会的人用粗糙的石器猎取野兽。


Last Sunday my parents took me to the Great Wall. It took us about two hours to get there by bus. It was sunny and there were lots of people there. We climbed to the top of the Great Wall and got a great view of the wall. I bou...

danger advise

珍稀野生动物 用英语我知道表达的方式有这几种: rare or endangered wild animals rare wild animal the rare wild animal a rare wild animal

A 试题分析:句意:一些野生动物的消失提醒了我们环境问题。Loss损失,是名词;lose丢失,是动词。Lost是lose的过去式。Remind sb of sth提醒某人某事。所以选A。

In our country, the number of wild animals is becoming smaller and smaller. Some of them are even dying out. The reasons are as follows: To start with, people have been cutting down trees for building, causing some animals to ...

1fast 2hunt 3family 4alone 5money 6hear 7each 8danger 9 前面打错了吧猜的是 action 行动

As we all know that nowadays many wild animals are in danger. There are some reasons. First some people are hunters them for their fur or wool . Second some are taking their houses to set up some buildings. Besides, some animal...


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